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This is the Beauty From Ashes Media page and I’m Andi Cook. Thanks for joining in this amazing journey. I know that you’re here because God has a plan and a purpose for you to have a happy and fulfilling life, even after tragedy. No matter what you are going through or what you have been through, Beauty From Ashes Media is here to partner with you in your journey and to celebrate you every step of the way. Beauty From Ashes Media is all about warriors who are overcoming their past, winning battles, and who are embracing a spiritual approach to creating mental and emotional freedom in their life.

Whether you are here to read the blog, book reviews, need some motivation, need a coach, or to check out my upcoming book, I am glad you’re here!

Drop me comment or a send me a message and let me know you’re around!

Social Media Arguments that Make Racial Tension Worse

I think that somehow people misconstrue the facts about what causes racial dissension to continue generation after generation. We try to put people in a predefined box based on where we think they should stand and we argue points that just aren’t valid, which only increases tension because we aren’t hearing what our fellow community… Continue Reading →

What are you tethered to?

If we tether our faith to God based on Him giving us everything we ask for, then we lose our faith when we don’t get our way. When we base our appreciate of Him and belief in Him only on what we can understand, then we give up on our faith when tragedy strikes. But when we tether our faith to a God that is good, that loves us unconditionally, and the fundamental truths of His Word, then we are not shaken by trauma tragedy or loss.

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