You Can’t Stand in the Light and Hide From It

Doubt has a way of creeping into our minds uninvited. Seeds planted by the enemy come in various forms. Regrets from the past, words spoken by others, and fear. We live in a society where people question what they do not understand or relate to. So many people with bad intentions have caused many to be skeptical of anyone who wants to help with no strings attached or expectations in return.

I find myself trying to keep the peace withe everyone, juggling the expectations that continue to grow as my network grows. I battle with others criticizing me, and yet part of me knows that God is preparing me for what is ahead. You can’t tell a story as raw and honest as I am in Up From the Ashes and not face judgment and criticism.

Here is the realization that caused me to stop allowing others to rob me of my calling. God called me to stand in the light and to be an extension of that light. I can’t stand in the light and hide from it at the same time. I have to be willing to be vulnerable, and open even if that means that some people don’t get it. That’s where I trust God as my defender.

The truth is that I didn’t start this ministry for everyone, I started it for those who are hurting and need hope. I started it for those who need strength. For those people, I will push forward and fight that inner battle to hide from being seen.

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