The Truth Never Changes

When I was a kid, we always went to Camp Dry Gulch in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. It was part of Willie George’s ministry. We did all of the 1980s camp things to do like basket weaving, bows and arrow shooting, canoeing, and story telling. I remember a few things about that camp, like getting homesick for the first time. I remember that they played Thy Word by Amy Grant every evening when it was time for chapel.

I also remember playing a group game where we would sit in a circle, and everyone would put their hands out – palms facing up. We would place our hands one on top of the others to make a perfectly joined circle. My right hand was on top of one person’s left palm. My left hand was underneath the other person’s right hand. As we sang a song the first person would take their right hand and clap the upward facing hand on the left of them, and then that person would clap the hand on the left of them… all the way around the circle until the song ended. If your hand was the one clapped when the song ended, you were out.

It was a silly game but we played it a lot. Enough that I remember the song we sang. “Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today, and forever – Hebrews 13:8”.

I was humming that song to myself this morning while I washed dishes. I began to think about Jesus being the way, the Truth and the Life… and how the Truth never changes. Jesus is the same always – and He always will be. He is the Word of God – and the Word of God is always true.

Throughout 2020. I have had one prayer – God may my heart mirror yours. May I be a complete extension of the love of Christ. Even when I don’t feel like it, even when my emotions are on edge and I wish I could react in a way that is true to my nature – my commitment is to be a mirror of the unfailing – unwavering love of Christ.

That takes consecrating my mind, words and actions completely to God every day. It requires me to lay my burdens at His feet. God is willing to take those burdens from me, because if I carry them with me… they will change me. God can handle them – and He never changes.

God isn’t moved by the things that shake me. If I am true to my commitment to Christ, that I will be an extension of His love to the world, then I will seek to mirror my responses to His. I will seek to replay cruelty with kindness. I will seek to cast my burdens on Him I will seek to forgive those who have not asked for forgiveness. I will devote my time, attention and resources to serving Him and His people… wanting nothing in return.

If I am mirroring Christ, I am not changed by who is around me, my attitude isn’t influenced by negativity, and I don’t get deterred by attacks because I aligned with the unchanging, unwavering God. If I want to get consistent in my faith and walk with Christ, then I have to anchor to the One who never changes.

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