A Glimpse of What God Has In Store

Yesterday I wrote a post about Raven Goff, just wanting to express how much the story meant to me. I posted a link on the Cravin Raven group, which the last time I saw the member count before posting, it was around 1200 people. I thought 20-30 people would see the blog, but really just wanted to express how I was feeling. After I shared it I noticed that it started getting likes and shares within the group, which had grown to THOUSANDS of members by that point. When it got 500 views, I thought, “God wouldn’t that be cool, if 1000 people saw it?” I went back to working on the book and checked an hour later. Over 1200 people had viewed the post. As someone who is just starting out in the social media and blogging space, I was overwhelmed. I have been praying for the impact on the ministry that God has put on my heart. I whispered, “God, are you preparing me? Are you trying to tell me that a thousand people will be reached by the message you have given me?” He told me to just wait. I went back to working on the book. When I logged in a couple of hours later, I was blown away.

I was speechless, almost THREE thousand people had seen my little blog. Again, I went to God in prayer, “God, are you saying that three thousand people will be reached in this ministry that you placed on my heart? Are you preparing me for three thousand people?” I absently thought, what if it hits 5000?

Then it did hit 5000. I began to feel the more humbled than I had ever felt in my life. What an honor to be a small part of such a powerful message. I went back to God in prayer, “God, I didn’t see this going this far. I am so sorry, I put my own limitations on you. I feel you preparing me.” Again, He said, “Just wait.” My son checked on me before going to bed, it was sitting around 8000 and said that there would be more than 10,000 by the time we woke up, but I brushed it off. I said, “No, son, I think it’s done.”

But I woke up to almost 11,000 views on the blog. Raven’s message continued to soar, and God continued to increase my faith little by little. It wasn’t about how many likes, shares, or blog hits. God was using the blog to help spread His message of hope and beautiful grace. He was also using the blog to show me that God’s thoughts and His plans go far beyond the distance of my imagination and are not trapped by the confinement of the walls in my mind.

See, not only have 15,000 people viewed that one blog post, when before I had never had more than 50 people read my blog, I am not most thankful because of the readership, I am thankful because God increased my faith. I am thankful that God showed me just a glimpse of his plan for Beauty From Ashes Media.

I launched the first episode of the Beauty From Ashes Radio Show today, and it was a success. It was God’s success. Guys, what could I have ever done to deserve a God who would not only forgive my past, but fully restore me? I could have never earned a love so great. The coolest thing about God, I think, is His perfect, unfailing love, and how He chooses each of us to love Him and to love each other.

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  1. As I write this on 01/22/20, just 4 days after going LIVE to share Raven’s story and point people to Tanner Trujillo, I have 2,947 video views on my Netfriending FaceBook Page and 1,980 video views on my Netfriending YouTube channel. And like you said in your blog, it’s not about views, likes, shares, or hits. I WANT to share this family’s story, and I don’t want to be perceived the same as the masses who are just looking to gain celebrity for themselves. That said, I am being very cautious about how I share their story because I do NOT want it to come across as icky or to feel icky to anyone, and especially to this precious family who has already been through so much this week.

    I want to point people to Tanner and her story so that people can be as touched by their story and as impacted by the miracles as I’ve been. I want those who don’t have a relationship with our Lord and Savior to have one, and I believe they will once they hear this family’s journey.

    I would love to connect with you so we can share Tanner and Shane’s story together and deeply unpack what our experiences have been as witnesses to their lives who are also sharing their story. I too feel that the Lord is preparing me for His calling, but I am not yet fully aware of what that might be.

    This is about following where the Lord is leading me and bringing awareness to organ donation and bringing awareness to what is possible when you put Christ at the center of your life, surrendering to him rather than surrendering to the opinions of man.

    If you would like to connect with me, I would love to explore a collaboration with you to see what more we can do to help keep Raven’s memory at the forefront and to help this family fulfill the calling that God has already placed on their lives. #CravinRaven


    1. Thank you for this sweet comment, and understanding my heart. I share those same fears and apprehensions about people perceiving that I was doing this for me, but God kept saying that I have to trust Him, and that if I am obedient, He will take care of the rest.

      I’d love to connect! You can find me on Facebook under Andi Cook


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