Confessions from an Overthinking Perfectionist

Confession: I overthink things, and anyone who knows me was not even a little shocked by that statement.

I don’t necessarily think that perfection is attainable, but I do always think it should be the goal. When I am writing something, I reread it more times than is healthy, and STILL make a ton of mistakes. When I record a video, you wouldn’t believe the number of outtakes and the horrible thoughts that go through my mind. “Is my third chin showing too much?”

I am even known for my overthinking, workaholic, perfectionism. Good thing that I’m relatively humorous in my approach to self criticism, because otherwise, I wouldn’t be much fun to be around.

One of my favorite LinkedIn recommendations came from my trainer, Megan. She had a lot of very humbling and flattering things to say, and it was the sweetest review ever. It’s also the nicest way that I have ever been called an overthinker. “She is a smart individual, who thinks outside of the box, thinks inside the box, thinks about the box, and ultimately makes things better. I highly recommend Andi and her compassionate and caring approach to the recruiting profession and the candidate’s needs.”

While I enjoy having an out of the box approach to problem solving, because I think it gives me a unique perspective, I have the tendency to get bogged down in the planning and analysis.

Confession: Sometimes I spend so much time plannings something that I am mentally and emotionally exhausted by the end of planning and I don’t start any of it.

Another Confession: Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by trying to make everything perfect that I give up before I start.

Often times, perfectionist don’t attempt things that they aren’t 100% sure they can succeed at. If we have failed in the past, it can make that tendency so much worse.

So that’s what makes this whole crazy journey of writing, radio shows, podcast, and social media-ing that much harder. I don’t know anything about building a social media brand. I don’t make youtube videos, I don’t know SEO techniques or how to make a killer website. I just don’t. Guess what, I’m stilling going to give it my best shot. I’m still going to start somewhere and trust that it’s going to get better as I go.

I went live on Facebook last night. I’m talking to people about the dream. I have failed at so many things, but I’m trying this. I meet with the editor tomorrow.

Let the journey begin.

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