The Phoenix

Hey warriors! Some people have asked me why I chose the Phoenix as my official business symbol, or why the slogan Beauty From Ashes. My theme has kind of always stemmed from trusting that God would take the ashes from my life and makes something beautiful out of it. I always trusted that He had a plan, no matter how bad things God. Now, that’s not say that I always did what I needed to do in order to walk that plan out, but I knew that He had big plans for me.

The Phoenix literally means from the ashes. I think it’s a beautiful creature that rises from the flames to stand strong and soar. When I got my first car, a beautiful red Camaro, I named her Phoenix, so that I would never forget the days I didn’t have a car, had a broken car, or that one horrible night I slept in the gas station parking lot in my car. From the ashes.

Not to sound too John Lennon here, but some say I’m a dreamer, that I didn’t have my focus on the reality in front of me. I did always look ahead and I always believed that things would get better.

Turns out, I was right. All of those that I went through are turning into a beautiful out to other amazing warriors who have fought hard and are winning the fight to taking the life back.

So why the Phoenix, because she is strong, beautiful, and rose from the ashes to soar.

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