Confessions from a Quitter

Welcome warriors! It is January 5th, 2020 – a new year and a new decade. I ended 2019 by making a list of all of the things that I started in the 2010s but didn’t finish. Confession: that list is way longer than I care to put in writing for the whole world wide web. Sometimes, I quit and even had great reasons. A messy divorce (well the marriage was messy, not so much on the divorce), health battles, change jobs, taking my son to the Mayo Clinic, needing to pick up another job to pay bills, starting businesses and failing at it. It wasn’t that I just didn’t want to do those things any more, but my strategy was way of. I either took on way too much and stretched myself too thin, or I dove head first into things that I didn’t have the skills or resources yet to pull off effectively. (key word there is yet)

There were a few other things on the list that I think seemed interesting at the time, but in reality, they weren’t a part of my dream and they didn’t get me any closer to my goals. Those are the things that we’ll leave in the past and file them safely in the “lessons learned the hard way” and “well that was cool once” folders of my life.

Then there are the other things… the things that I either started and didn’t finish, or that I planned on doing but didn’t get started. (again, sometimes with good reason) Those are the dream. Writing a book, speaking, a radio show, a pod cast, helping people who have overcome trauma and tragedy, getting and staying healthy, finishing my degree. Those are the things, along with A LOT of reading, that I will be tackling in 2020. (only much more slowly and spread out over 12 months instead of trying to do it all in January).

2019 was a tough year to round out an insanely tough decade. (Good riddance to my 30s!) However, it is a brand new decade and I am excited about what is happening already in 2020. Let’s recap.

25 hours into 2020, I finished the first draft of my book, Getting Out of My Own Mind, that I had started writing THREE times before. I meet with the editor on the 8th!

I met with the new owners of our local radio show, JoCo Community Radio, and will be starting the Beauty From Ashes Radio Show on January 21st.

I am two weeks into a healthy low-carb lifestyle that seems to be working for me. I am steadily losing weight, and feel great. I have less than 30 carbs a day. (Another confession: I totally save a ton of my carb points until the end of the day so I can justify having a Lindor truffle, mostly because Jesus made them.)

I have read six books in five days, and will be starting my book review videos tomorrow. I have a plan to read 220 books in 2020. I realize that goal was probably way more cute in my head than pulling of a book every 1.65 days, but this is where I have to get super creative. That includes the 66 books of the Bible, audio books, e-books and print. Blogs don’t count (sad face).

Maybe the best celebration is the introduction to boundaries in my life. I have been working on that for a few months. I have not fully arrived. I am able to compartmentalize my day. Focusing on my job during the day and turning my focus to writing and building the Beauty From Ashes Media brand in the evenings.

So this blog, warriors, is all about that journey. What are your 2020 goals?

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